Sunday, May 22, 2011

Enable DTC

1. Enable DTC in Component Services
Configure network access for the Distributed Transaction Coordinator

- Open Component Services.
- Expand Component Services > Computers > My Computer > Distributed Transaction Coordinator.
- Right click on “Local DTC” and select “Properties”.
- In the “Security” tab, enable the checkboxes for “Network DTC Access”, “Allow Remote Clients”, “Allow Remote Administration”, “Allow Inbound”, “Allow Outbound”, “Enable XA Transactions” and “Enable SNA LU 6.2 Transactions”. Change the radio button to “No Authentication Required”, and make sure that the DTC Logon Account is “NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE”.

2. Setup Firewall Rules/Exceptions for DTC
Enable the Distributed Transaction Coordinator rules (inbound and outbound) in the Windows Firewall

- Open Window Firewall with Advanced Security
- In Inbound Rules enable the 3 rules for DTC
- In Outbound Rules enable the 1 rule for DTC

3. Configure Port Range 5000-5100

- Open Component Services.
- Expand the Component Services node.
- Expand the Computers node.
- Right-click My Computer and press Properties.
- Select the Default Protocols tab.
- Select Connection-oriented TCP/IP and press the Properties button.
- Press the Add button.
- Type the port range 5000-5100 into the Port range box, and press OK.
- Ensure that the Port range assignment and Default dynamic port allocation options are set to Internet range.
- Press OK, and OK again.
- Shutdown and restart your computer.

4. Name resolution

- Add an entry in the Hosts file in the MachineA with the ip address and name of MachineB
- Add an entry in the Hosts file in the MachineB with the ip address and name of MachineA